This is a scientific calculator. The functions work the same way they do on your desk calculator.

Version 0.3
New since version 0.2: Added new pretty buttons.
Known issues:
Floating-point errors: sometimes you will get numbers that are off from the correct value in the 15th or 16th decimal. For example, tan(pi/4) should be 1, but the calculator gives 0.9999999999999983 . This problem will be fixed in a future version (possibly 0.4 or 0.5)when arbitrary-precision mathematics is added.
Since this is still a pre-release version, it surely contains errors, and I want to know what those are. You may find them when using it, or you may not. Please send information about any errors you find to so I can fix them.
This document and associated program are copyright 2006 Steven Rehn