A Review of
by Stephen Baxter
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    This is a rather novel idea for a book form, as Stephen Baxter tends to do.  This narrative follows a single line of a family for about 565 million years.  This time span includes the modern era, but most of the book is outside of that time.  He follows an early primate in the late dinosaur era, with his normal type of very reasonable speculation which still manages to inspire.
    That being said, most of the storyline of this book seemed pretty tedious to me.  Every few chapters you are asked to change your allegiances to follow a whole new character (animal, usually).  This doesn't sound so bad, but after a while it gets really old.  All told there were several hundred-page swathes that I just couldn't read.  I read the parts around-about the human era, and the parts after the human era were neat, but the majority of the book was beyond my attention span.
    I rate this book 4/10


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