A Review of
To Sail Beyond the Sunset
by Robert A Heinlein
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   This book follows the life of the character Maureen Johnson through quite a long time.  (Her son is Lazarus Long, ie Woodrow Wilson Johnson, a major character in several other books by Heinlein such as Methuselah's Children and The Notebooks of Lazarus Long.)  This appears to be the last (in internal chronology) of these books. 
    This book follows her life through the parts that are not documented in other books.  It includes the usual morality and sexual perspective of Heinlein books, so make sure you can handle such stuff before you read it.  It has some practical perspectives on a lot of common sorts of human problems.
    Reading this book is pretty addictive.  If you like the other Howard Families' books by Heinlein, I recommend you read this one too.
    I give this book a 6/10

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